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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Login

1. Are There Any Registrations Charges?

No, registration on Builder Mall is free for all.

2. Where can I find my User Name?

User Name is provided to you in the account activation letter by email. If you did not receive the email, please contact our Client Services department for assistance.

3. I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can click on “Forgot your password?”. Password reset link will sent to your registered email. And then you can change the new password from this link.

4. How can I change my password?

Login to your account and click "Account Settings" at top right corner. You can change your new password in Account Settings.

5. How to change User ID?

User ID cannot be changed.


1. What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Cash On Delivery and Online Payment by MPU

2. Is Buying Online Safe?


Order & Returns

1. How Do I Place An Order?

You can place an order from your registered account of our website and mobile app.

2. How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

You can cancel your order by calling our customer care contact phone number or hot line number.

3. Do I Need An Account To Place An Order?

Yes, you need to register an account first before you place an order. Even if you are able to add products to your shopping cart without a prior registration, our system will request you to register with an account for you to successfully perform the checkout process.

4. How Do I Track My Order?

Our Vendor Shops will contact to you for your order details.

5. How Do I Return A Product?

It will depend on your product’s vendor shop policy.

Corporate Information

1. Where Are Builder Mall’s Offices Located?

We maintain offices in many regions including Yangon and Mandalay.

2. How Many People Does Builder Mall Group Employ?

We had a total of 70 full-time employees.

3. When Was Builder Mall Group Founded?

Builder Mall Group was founded since 1981 by Dr. Tay Za Hein @ Nitesh Verma. It began as a construction materials e-commerce & online multi-vendor shop.

4. What Is The Builder Mall Group Doing To Help The Community?

We have always felt a responsibility to help solve problems in society, because that is implied in our mission – “to make it easy to buy anywhere”.
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